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July 2009

The Clean Bin Project was a year-long project whose goal was to get a share household to buy nothing and reduce the amount of garbage produced to as close to zero as possible, undertaken by Vancouverites Jen, Grant and Rhyannon. Starting on Canada Day 2008 (July 1st for those not Canadian) the trio pledged to “try to buy no more ‘stuff’ and produce zero landfill waste for one year.” The purpose was to have less “stuff” (i.e. non-essential items) making its way into their home and eventually into the landfill.

Everything they consumed for the year was either reused, recycled or composted and anything that couldn’t was kept in one of the participants garbage bins until the weigh-in at the end of the year. (The detailed rules.)

Hop Studios offered services to them for free in order to show support for their work.

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Services Provided

Along the way Jen blogged about their experiences of trying to live as garbage-free as possible. The site is a hosted WordPress blog.

We mapped the wordpress.com url to its own domain, cleanbinproject.com, and also set them up on twitter to connect with people and promote their project.  We gave them a few tweaks to the CSS of their blog to improve the navigation and make the site a little, dare we say it, less cluttered.

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