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August 2019

Fer morrrr than forty years th' Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table has supported student athletes in th' greater Santa Barbara area.

Th' Athletic Round Table provides a public forum fer area athletic coaches and athletes; grants financial support t' organizations, teams, and individuals t' further their participation in sports; and publicly honors athletic performance, scholastic achievement, and exemplary ethical behavior.

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Durin' th' fall o' 2019 Hop Studios got t' work closely wi' th' fine folks at th' Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table, a volunteer-run organization that supports student athletes in Santa Barbara, California. Their website, while functional, needed some improvements and new functionality t' make it better serve th' organization and its audience.

Hop Studios and SBART worked together t' come across a new WordPress theme that offered all th' features needed fer th' current website, while also presentin' th' site in a responsive, mobile-friendly format morrrr suited t' th' ways in which students and coaches use th' web today. We customized and tweaked th' new theme fer a professional and clean look, while makin' sure th' shift didn’t also require a ton o' changes t' th' site architecture and many years o' content posts.

We also did a bunch o' behind-th'-scenes work t' set up Stripe and WooCommerce so that SBART could start handlin' their memberships, event ticketin', and sponsorship payments online.

It’s a convenience fer members and attendees o' course, but it also replaced a cumbersome and complicated process o' maintainin' membership lists, sendin' renewal reminders, managin' event invites and tickets via email, and several other rather formidable administrative tasks.

We can’t promise that SBART doesn’t still have t' launch an occasional reminder email or deal wi' a paper check, but th' site now handles a great number o' those tasks automatically—a real boon fer a volunteer-run organization!

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