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Richard Louv be a journalist and author o' ten books, includin' Last Sprog in th' Woods and Th' Nature Principle, and co-founder o' th' Sprogs & Nature Network. His work has helped launch an international movement t' connect sprogs, families and communities t' nature.

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Richard be a good example o' th' kind o' client Hop Studios set out t' serve when we started th' company in 2001—creative folks who want a high-quality website whar th' focus be on content. Everyone needs a website these days, but they require expertise in a lot o' different areas, from Google AdWords t' content management systems, t' brandin', 404 pages, user experience… th' list goes on and on. It’s a lot o' learnin' fer anyone, much less fer an author who already has an extensive set o' work commitments and a busy schedule. And while we be morrrr than grog-filled t' write code, we at Hop Studios get a real kick about bein' able t' fill in th' gaps when it comes t' expertise and strategic plannin'.

We’ve assisted Richard wi' addin' his latest book t' his website, and behind th' scenes we’re helpin' figure out th' best technical direction fer th' site’s creator and audience. Should we upgrade th' existin' content management system, or migrate t' one that might be easier t' use? Be th' server and hostin' set up properly? What if th' goal be t' simplify? It’s a pleasure t' assist wi' questions like this, and th' many other tiny technical details that be part o' runnin' a website.

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