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March 2012

Northpoint Pediatrics is a pediatric care practice in Indianapolis, Indiana. On the website, parents and patients can find health information, schedule appointments, download forms, request prescription refills and medical records, pay bills, meet the whole Northpoint team, and much more.

We’ve been working with Northpoint for many years now starting back in 2012. Over the years, we’ve upgraded ExpressionEngine more than once, updated meta tags, implemented new content sections, and set up an SSL certificate so that the site is served securely.

Services Provided

Time to update EE again, this time to 4.3.1!

Let’s get faster! Among other bits and pieces, we focused on site speed optimization for Northpoint. Since we weren’t redesigning the site and didn’t want to comb through every template, we focused on minifying the site’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ), compiling seven different stylesheets into a single master set of styles. We also looked at the site’s images, compressing and optimizing larger images, and combining small images used on multiple pages into an image sprite.

Following migration to a new web host, we set up the site with a security certificate (SSL). This was necessary both because Northpoint wanted to stay current with best web practices, and in order to meet the security and confidentiality requirements of HIPAA. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy Rule requires that healthcare data is safeguarded according to a set of national standards, which affects the collection and storage of patient data.

We also set up fields so that Northpoint could customize meta tag on a page-by-page basis, and coded in a fallback solution for pages that lacked custom meta tag content.

In 2015, we migrated Northpoint Pediatrics to a new web host, in order to better handle HIPAA compliance and security.

Northpoint Pediatrics was running ExpressionEngine 1.6.7 and needed to upgrade to ExpressionEngine 2.4.0. That and, oh yes, EE 1.x support would be ending in April 2012, so the time for upgrading was nigh. The trickiest part of this particular situation was upgrading the Structure module from 1.6.7 to Structure 3.2. It involved an unsupported database script and some tedious, step-by-step-by-step processes. The site also used LG TinyMCE and TinyBrowser, which required some pretty fine-toothed JavaScript detective work.

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