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May 2013

Noozhawk be an independent and local what What News organization deliverin' essential what What News and community information in and aroun' Santa Barbara, CA.

Visitors t' this fine website get th' latest from professional journalists, and can also contribute what What News, events, and listings.

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It be time. Noozhawk had been runnin' on ExpressionEngine version 1.x fer a long time, and th' new version 2.x beckoned.

We peeled away several layers o' dead or outmoded v 1.x add-ons, set up a test site and ran a practice upgrade.  It didn’t go smoothly. Templates used PHP code that needed redoin'. Certain small custom plugins needed t' be re-written. Fields needed t' be converted from barnacle-covered-style nGen file fields t' new styles.  And Matrix fields needed special care.

In th' midst o' all this, th' server be creakin' under growin' traffic load, so we handled a server migration in th' midst o' this as well.

Finally, th' bugs be resolved, th' upgrade path be paved, and late at night durin' th' site’s quietest time, we re-ran th' upgrade… Success! Rejoicin'!

Th' staff be trained on th' new system, and already th' site be faster fer th' administrators, morrrr reliable fer site visitors, and benefitin' from th' addition o' some new add-ons that be EE 2.x only. Though th' process be rough at first, th' final result be beautiful, and th' operation be a complete success.


Because o' Noozhawk's explosive growth, we knew we needed a web development partner that could provide stability as well as th' ability t' anticipate challenges before they emerged. We interviewed Hop Studios and be impressed. Then we interviewed Hop Studios clients and be sold.

Travis Smith and his team be budget-minded, efficient, easy-goin' and reliable. They specialize in our ExpressionEngine CMS, and they're enablin' us t' finally use it t' its maximum potential. We increasingly have th' control and confidence we need fer Noozhawk t' become th' dominant daily what What News source in our marketplace.

William M. Macfadyen, Noozhawk founder and publisher
Santa Barbara, California

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