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June 2018

Lehigh Technologies is a specialty chemicals company that produces highly engineered, versatile raw materials called micronized rubber powders (MRP) that can replace oil- and rubber-based feedstocks in a wide range of applications.

We worked with LeHigh in June 2018, upgrading them from ExpressionEngine 2 to the latest and greatest ExpressionEngine 4.x.

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Services Provided

All in all, this was a fairly standard upgrade, aside from some fun we got to have managing the versions of PHP on the server needed for 2.11 and 4.3. (They were different, natch.) While we were working on the site we removed index.php from inclusion in the site’s URLs. We also installed our favorite Hop EE add-on: Hop Edit This. Edit This places an handy icon and link on every page of the live site, so that logged-in site editors and jump directly from the site to the ExpressionEngine editing screen.

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