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Invasive Species Council of BC

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October 2018

The Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) is a collaborative-based organization committed to reducing the spread and impacts of non-native species within BC.

Our initial work for ISCBC was a site upgrade from Expression Engine 2. Since then we’ve done extensive systems work, as well as implemented several brand new sections of the website.

Screenshot of the ISCBC Website Research Hub Home
Services Provided

We have done a great variety of work for ISCBC since signing on with them. Our initial body of work covered an upgrade of the site from ExpressionEngine 2 to 4. This also involved splitting the site up from a single Multi-Site running eight entirely different sites, into four distinct websites—three of which would be upgrades. This provided a fun technical challenge for our developers.

Once the upgrade was complete, ISCBC asked us to design and develop a new Research Hub section of the website, where researchers and practitioners within the invasive species community can connect and collaborate. We were tasked with creating something functional but interesting, while sticking to the same aesthetic found throughout the existing site.

Since then, we’ve also designed and implemented an Interactive Map that details ISCBC contact information for each region of BC, using the magic of SVG and JavaScript.

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