Writing BitTorrent for Dummies

Susannah just signed to do her second book (actually fourth, if you count co-author gigs).  It’s going to be another book for Wiley: BitTorrent for Dummies.

BitTorrent is two things: a method for transfering large files efficiently to many people at once, and a the name of a program that uses this method.  BitTorrent is especially good at allowing someone to “publish” a really big file—an application, a video, a large chunk of data—and deliver it to thousands or even millions of people without having enormous bandwidth costs.  So, while some people use it for digital piracy, others are already using it for education, for news reporting, or for distributing important software updates.

Susie’s blogging book was the first to talk about business blogging, but wasn’t the first blogging book. This time, she’s doing the very first book announced on this subject of BitTorrent.  Bleeding edge!

The book is already listed at Amazon, but you can’t order it yet.


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