We’re Revealing… Hop Reveal!

Many of Hop’s software add-ons come into existence because we have a problem ourselves that needs solving.

In our business, we look at many different websites each and every day. And frequently, we work on multiple versions of the same website at the same time—sites with separate servers set up for production, staging, and development/local as well. It can get confusing, everything looking so similar… And mixups about whether you’re changing a setting or content on the live website vs on a test version are… embarrassing at best, dangerous at worst.

Hop Reveal Settings screenshot

Choose text and colors for production, staging, and development servers

Hop Reveal is our answer to this problem, which can be just as confusing for a website’s editors as for its developers.

This custom add-on for Craft CMS helps you set up narrow, colored page banners that appear at the top of your site’s pages, letting you know exactly which version of the site you’re currently working with. Choose to make the labels visible to all your site visitors or to just the admins. You can also show the labels on the public-facing pages of the site, and/or just in the CMS control panel. Take an extra few seconds and you can choose the custom colors and label text that will work best on your website.

This plugin also has one more trick up its sleeve. It provides a handy utility page where you can review all the key environment variables that have been set.  This is especially useful during development, when it sometimes is very important to know, for example, what your GATEWAY_INTERFACE is, HTTP_ACCEPT, HTTP_COOKIE, HTTP_USER_AGENT.

This little plugin is a developer’s best friend and the fun doesn’t stop at the feature list, because it’s also FREE!

So next time you mistakenly modify something on the Live server that you really shouldn’t have touched there, invent a time machine, set it for yesterday, and go back and install this add-on.  Cheers!

Get Hop Reveal for Craft CMS and a little more peace of mind today!


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