The 411 on 404 Reporter

Image of a classic 404 error pageIf you’ve seen it once, you seen it a hundred times: the frustrating roadblock that is the"404: Page Not Found” error. You wanted pictures of cute kittens, only to be stymied by a broken link and a missing page. Mistyped URLs, broken links, and missing content are annoying for website visitors, but they’re catastrophic for website publishers. After all, what could be worse than losing those page views, ad clicks, and traffic numbers—not to mention the potential for visits to other pages of your site?

Hop Studios is pleased to announce a new tool to help publishers monitor 404 error views: 404 Reporter.

This ExpressionEngine module logs each time a website visitor encounters a 404 error page, recoding what URL the website visitor came from, and what page they were trying to get to. As well as creating a file log, the module allows you to receive email notifications of each 404 error.

Using the information in 404 Reporter’s logs you can find and correct broken links on your own website, notify other websites about broken links to your content, and generally deliver a better quality and more successful website to your audience. We think that’s a win!

The 404 Reporter EE module is available on Devot:ee for $10. It is compatible with ExpressionEngine 2.7 and up.


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