Susie’s Speaking to Singapore in September

Susie has been asked to be the lead speaker at the first corporate blogging conference ever in Asia.  It’s called “Corporate Blog Marketing Conference”—yeah, the name could use some work—and it’s taking place September 21st and 22nd.

The conference, put on by Maitre Allianz, is going to be at the Le Meridien hotel, and I’m going with her. It’ll be both our first times in Asia, and we hope to spend a few days in Singapore, the city / island / country, and then possible zip over to Brunei.  We’re still working out the details of that.

Who should attend? I’m told that “CEOs, GMs and Directors, HODs, Senior Managers & Managers, Marketing, PR & IT professionals, Business Development heads & managers.”  Or anyone with a spare grand.

I tell you, this being a business blogging expert—it’s turning out quite well for Susie (and her hubby!)


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