Ten Consecutive Years of Webby Awards

Update: Sam Harris did win The Webby People’s Voice Award in Podcasts & Digital Audio: Science & Education. Congratulations, Sam.

The Webby Awards logo

We’re thrilled to share that the Waking Up with Sam Harris podcast, produced by Sam Harris himself, was nominated yesterday for a Webby Award in the Science & Education category. This marks the 10th year in a row that a Hop Studios client has been nominated for a Webby! 

The Waking Up podcast, which Sam has been producing since 2014, explores everything from the current political situation to why our brains work the way they do. His podcast often features lengthy interviews with pundits, thinkers, and scientists. I especially enjoyed his recent “Reality and Imagination” episode.

Image: Waking Up PodcastSam’s work, and podcast, are unique on the web. He writes and speaks about a wide range of topics, from neuroscience to morality, with the aim of increasing understanding of the self and of humanity. If you’re interested in long-form, thoughtful, and very cerebral discussion, Sam is an excellent antidote to the 140-character throwaway tweet, a passionate voice for reason in our emotional times. His nomination is well-deserved, and the Hop Studios ducks are certainly rooting for him to win!

You can vote for Sam, as well as for other nominees across a range of subject categories and of media types. It’s a quick process to register and vote, but don’t dawdle! Voting ends April 20, and winners will be announced on April 25. Vote today!


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