Red Alert: Prepping for Breaking News

Screenshot of NYPA conference announcement showing name, dates, and location

Breaking News: Yes, Travis will be doing a presentation about breaking news at the New York Press Association’s Spring Conference and Trade Show on Friday, April 13, in Albany, NY.

His talk, “Red Alert: Prepping for Breaking News (PDF),” is designed to help news organizations with websites plan and practice for breaking news situations.

Breaking news can happen at any time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare ahead of time! It isn’t enough just to handle traffic surges… you should also be ready to spread alerts of the news quickly and widely. Travis will cover preferred techniques for handling rolling updates, how to handle traffic swells, and what you can do to turn some of those new visitors into returning supporters. While this presentation covers many of the technical issues that can impact a website during a breaking news situation, these issues are discussed primarily from an editorial perspective.

If you’re attending the conference, say hi! If you can’t attend but are interested in this presentation, here it is.


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