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What do you get when you put a couple of motivated, smart, ambitious employment lawyers together? An employment law firm, of course! In this case, our smart, ambitious lawyers are Erin Brandt and Paula Krawus, who launched their practice, PortaLaw*, in 2020. These two want to help you solve your problems at work, whether you are an employee, contractor, business or nonprofit, or even a law firm!

This partnership came together around the idea that the legal industry is overdue for innovation. PortaLaw offers transparent pricing for your complicated issues and free legal information for your simple questions. Refreshing, right?

Have you been let go, but your former employer hasn’t given you severance? Are you a high tech worker confused about how overtime works for you? And what are your obligations as an employer if your employee comes down with COVID-19 and can’t work? OpenPorta, the free online resource on BC employment and human rights law that PortaLaw is developing, is where you can find answers to these questions and many more, for free and anytime.

Erin and Paula want you to have accurate, complete information when you need it, and that includes being transparent about their pricing. Each of their detailed services pages includes a list of PortaLaw’s services and how they are priced. If this is “new law”, we like it!

Hop Studios really enjoyed the process of working with Erin and Paula to build their new website, which leverages a beautifully designed brand package (created by Rosie Gopaul) and photos (Ben Glassco) across Squarespace’s elegant templates and code, with custom bells and whistles added for a slick, easy-to-use experience.

The major limitation of Squarespace is that it makes custom development difficult, which is why we are particularly pleased with the personalized form we were able to build to route potential clients to the right Clio Scheduling Software booking pages.

The website also contains a news page, keeping you up-to-date on Erin and Paula’s activities within the community, including webinars on topical issues and articles of interest. And we had a total blast using Canva to design the video templates used on PortaLaw’s YouTube channel and other social media pages.

Best Lawn Firm Websites 2021 badge

We’re also thrilled to announce that the PortaLaw website was recently named one of the Best Law Firm Websites of 2021 by!

“Open the door” to friendly, savvy and knowledgeable employment law assistance with PortaLaw.

Congrats, Paula and Erin!

* Full disclosure: PortaLaw is a client of Hop Studios, and Hop Studios is a client of PortaLaw.


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