New Team Member: Tammy Meyers

To be a good office manager, you need to know a good hat store—since you need to wear so many different hats.  Luckily, Hop Studios’ newest team member, Tammy Meyers, can swap hats at the drop of a ... well, you know.

Green visor: She gets excited about accounting and financial record keeping (thank goodness). Hard hat: Meyers has tons of experience doing operations management.  Press fedora: She’s a pro at marketing and social media campaigns. Deerstalker: She’s relentless at tracking down trouble and figuring out mysteries, like, why did we buy this domain and for whom?

Tammy Meyers

Tammy Meyers, sans hat

© Hop Studios

The list of her hats goes on and on… and perhaps the most simple but critical hat she wears is a rarely seen one, the one she wears as the voice you hear when you call Hop Studios on the telephone (yes, many people still do this!)

We don’t have one of those computerized voicemail labyrinths.  At Hop, a human picks up the other end of the line, and that human is usually Meyers, ready to get your concerns assuaged and your questions answered.

So next time you call, you might ask Meyers about her blind chocolate lab, the one that snores gently beside her desk. Or about how things are going with the organization she created, “Women Tech Founders of Canada”, or about the augmented reality company she co-founded, “QuestUpon.” Or any tricky question, really—and maybe you’ll hear her put on her wizard hat to answer it!


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