Meet Hop Studios’ New Senior Designer

Katie, by Katie
Katie, by Katie

We hired Katie Holmes! Ok, sure, not that Katie Holmes. This Katie Holmes is a talented graphic and interaction designer.

Katie joins Hop Studios after 10 years of agency and freelance design, where she worked with clients like LuluLemon, Skipper Otto, and Starbucks. She was one of the first to graduate from Simon Fraser’s School of Interactive Arts + Technology, but that wasn’t even close to the beginning of her work with design and technology.

“I got into design at 14 in order to make a [Ed: She doesn’t want me to tell you this, but hey, I’m the boss. -TS.] Harry Potter fan site,” Katie said. “I’ve always liked making things, so it was never really a decision to ‘go into’ design, it just kind of evolved.”

Actually, Katie tells us what she really dislikes is not knowing how to make things. You name it, and Katie has probably done it: knitting, painting, weaving, woodworking, drawing… the list goes on. Katie brings this same curiosity and application to her web work.

“I like looking at the bigger picture, being able to see the whole scope of the project and how it all fits together. To create consistent, coherent, intuitive sites, you have to understand the whole thing at the macro level, and also in the details,” Katie says. “User experience is all about finding the least painful route the user can take to achieve a result. Add good design, and you can create interactions that are enjoyable and seamless. You shouldn’t even notice the process, just move smoothly through the technology.”

And if that doesn’t match the Hop Studios approach—good. clean. fun.—well, then we don’t know what does.

Welcome, Katie!


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