Hop Studios is Moving!

Yes, once again, Hop Studios has found a new office, and we’ll be moving on November 1.

Seems like only a year ago that we made a similar announcement. This time, however, we’re only going about 0.3% the distance—about 4.4 miles, or 6.8 kilometers as they say up here in Canada.

Our new world headquarters will be in Kitsilano, just outside of Vancouver’s downtown core.  The address is:

3356 West 13th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada      V6R 2R9

Everything else will remain the same, phone number, email, fax, Web, skype, AIM—in fact, I bet you might not even have noticed we moved until you went to send us a check.  At which point, you might not be so sad that it didn’t arrive. But we’re glad we told you, and we’re excited about the new place.  Now, I have to go buy some more boxes!


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