Hellloooooo EE6! Hop Studios Has Add-ons for You!

EE6 Control Panel screenshot

EE6 Control Panel screenshot

We’ve been waiting for the release of ExpressionEngine 6 with a great sense of anticipation, like many others in the #EECMS community. Seeing so many cool new features demoed at EEConf 2020 in October really whetted our appetites, especially the reimagined control panel.

We’re planning to get all Hop’s current add-ons updated, but we didn’t want anyone who wants to jump right into EE6 hanging, so we’re releasing your favourite — dare we say… must-have — add-ons for ExpressionEngine 6. These most popular add-ons are now fully functional in EE6, and the rest are on the way to full compatibility in the coming weeks.

That means they work with the jump menus and dark mode, have cool icons, improved settings, clean layouts, and are compatible with Member Roles.

Early adopters, here are the ones we have ready for EE6 and for you:

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Hop Deeploy Helper

This is the add-on we most often use ourselves at Hop Studios — it’s useful for every website. Hop Deeploy Helper collects all the EE configuration parameters used in the control panel and displays them on a single page, where they can be modified all at once.

Did you make a grave mistake editing your settings? No problem! Hop Deeploy Helper keeps a revision history with a one-click roll-back option. It also has a powerful search-and-replace so you can synchronize all your settings in a snap. This add-on makes our lives as ExpressionEngine developers a little easier and a lot more efficient.

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Hop Introvert

The idea for this add-on grew out of trying to answer the question: “What entries list this one as a related entry?”, which quickly broadened to: “What thing elsewhere uses this thing here?” In channel entries, the Hop Introvert “field” doesn’t store data, but instead displays a list of reverse-related entries.

On the field-editing admin pages, Hop Introvert handily shows you what field groups and channels use a particular field. You can make changes to your database with more peace of mind by having this simple but useful information at your fingertips!

Circle with a line through it, surrounded by a diamond

Hop 404 Reporter

Hop 404 Reporter alerts you to 404 errors on your website, helping you improve your site by fixing bad links, and making sure that search engines aren’t improperly indexing your site.

Each time a visitor encounters a 404 page, Hop 404 Reporter records the URL the website visitor came from, and what page they were trying to get to.

This EE add-on allows you to easily find and correct broken links on your own website, notify other websites about broken links to your content, and generally deliver a higher quality and more successful experience to your visitors.

Bonus: We’ve also added a smart set-up wizard for this add-on—it makes installation a snap and helps diagnose what might not be set up correctly. It’s also not a talking paper-clip, so that’s nice.

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Hop Social Suite

Hop Social Suite pulls posts simultaneously from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, merges them into a single timeline, and lets you easily customize their display using regular EE tags and CSS.

Our ExpressionEngine 6 update of Hop Social Suite is now compatible with the latest Facebook Graph API and Instagram Basic API. We’ve also added new features, like “min” and “max” parameters, so you can fine-tune your merged social media feed to your heart’s content.

We will be releasing more EE6 compatible add-ons over the next two weeks, and will be updating all of our most popular software.

By the way: If you’re ready to jump up to the latest EE and want help upgrading to ExpressionEngine 6 (Or lower! We’ll update any website, it’s kind of our thing…), or if you need help upgrading a custom or abandoned add-on your site relies on, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.


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