Google Ads Demystified: A Conversation about Search Engine Marketing

EECONF 2021: This is not your everyday conference. Smaller group discussions; better opportunities to connect with the EE community; More being talked with and less being talked to

Getting set up to use Google Ads can be a dense and daunting experience, even for those of us working in the tech industry every day! Hop’s president Travis Smith is joining forces with Alex Brabant of eMarketing101 to demystify Google Ads and search engine marketing during this year’s ExpressionEngine conference.

EECONF 2021 takes place online September 30-October 1; Travis and Alex are presenting at 4pm Eastern/7pm Pacific on the 30th.

Are you currently spending money advertising with Google Ads, but worried that your dollars aren’t being well-spent? Are you considering running Google Ads but feel daunted by the complexity of configuring a new campaign?

Alex and Travis will discuss how to set up and use Google Ads successfully. They’ll review the current system and share ways to improve the performance of existing Google Ads campaigns. Their interview-style presentation will examine goals and funnels, geo-targeting, keyword strategies, novel ad types, as well as the psychology behind online PPC advertising.

If you’d like to attend, sign up for a free EECONF ticket and check out the rest of the agenda for a wide selection of ExpressionEngine and other business and technical topics.

Update: The video of this talk is now available.


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