Fuel Music and the Oscar Party Invites

Fuel Music and Sound asked us recently to help them manage the guest list for their annual Oscar Party. They wanted to drive people from email back to their own site,, for responses.  That way, they increase their brand exposure while also getting a valid head count, without using a free consumer service like eVite.

We also sent out scheduled e-mails to the various consolidated and unduplicated Fuel Music and Sound lists, removed the folks who’d already RSVPed, sent those folks a reminder the day before, and automatically produced a spreadsheet listing the responants for use at the door.

We must not tell you exactly how many people showed up (three figures!) but we can tell you that Fuel asked us to shut down the original RSVP and open a late-arrivals-only group because of the overwhelming response.

Oh, and we hear the party was pretty good, too!


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