francouver logo Hop Studios enjoys working on projects that involve the creation and fostering of online communities, so when Alex Brabant came back to us, excited about an idea for local Francophones social networking site, we were thrilled.

Alex was inspired to create the site because he wasn’t satisfied with the online options already available and felt something more specialized was needed. The site, called Francouver, is geared specifically towards the Francophone community of Vancouver and just launched this week. The current version is a first phase of development and features two blogs, one for event listings, and one for news items, as well as a photo gallery, and member login. Members will eventually have access to these features to add their own content and help build Francouver into a vibrant online community.

The site’s launch has been covered by radio and television, and has gotten great reviews. This Saturday is the official launch party for Francouver, hosted by Alex at the Anza Club. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Eventbrite. Good luck to Alex, and have a great party. (See you there!)


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