Finishing a Book for Dummies

076458457X.01._PE34_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgSusie’s been writing a book lately, in her off hours.  You know, those off hours she spends eating, sleeping, having fun, etc.  It’s been her ever-present companion (in addition to me) since she had to meet her first deadline, in October.

So the book, “Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies,” has now been written.  She met her final deadline early last Tuesday morning and turned in the final quarter of the book.

Of course, there’s a lot left to do.  Revising chapters and getting edited by a technical and a project editor, and all that in time to hit a current release date of March 2005.  Tech books have a very short turnaround, and even then, especially with something as shifting and growing as blogs, the longer it takes to write, the more likely it is not to have the latest information.  Which is why there’s also a blog to go along with the book.

There’s a significant amount of work left to do, but at this point, Susie has officially written her first book.  And, incidentally, you can save 34% if you pre-order it now!

This hereby ends this product plug.


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