FilmRadar’s Looking Great(er) These Days

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about Film Radar,, with you yet.  Film Radar is this fantastic labor of cinema love that brings the best of independent, classic and alternative cinema to folks in Los Angeles every week.  We’re responsible for the site’s current administrative tools, and to a certain extent, its public look and feel.

I was reminded of FilmRadar because there are a number of bug fixes and useability tweaks we’ve made on the site over the past month, and the site is working better than ever.  The site’s owner, Karie Bible, is always coming up with new ideas for us to add to the site.

The site was built originally in HTML files using Blogger in ways it was, frankly, never meant to be used. 😊  We got her up and running on ExpressionEngine, and custom-built a film calendar module as well using PHP.

As a client, Karie has that rare ability to catch every site glitch imaginable.  I kid you not, it’s a real skill, and I’m more appreciative than dismayed, because it’s wonderful to have a client who is able to assist with QA and actually ensure the site in working the way she visualizes it to be working.  On a site as big as Film Radar—the site has a huge calendar application, a member database, a mailing list, forums, email reminders, venue lists, a blog and more—it’s not hard to imagine that there’d be little tweaks to be making, and lots of parts to get running smoothly.

So I’m not going to tell you what we fixed, I’m just going to tell you that it’s all in good shape now.

In any case, if you live in Los Angeles, you ought to bookmark this site, and if you live outside of L.A., take a peek just to see what you’re missing.  We hope someday she’ll expand to cover your city, too.


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