Daily Pilot Takes Flight

Five sites!  Five sites launched in a day!

Actually, it took us a little longer than a day—more like several months of designs and prototypes and coding—oh, the coding.  But this Tuesday, five newspapers owned by Tribune Company via The Los Angeles Times launched with a clean new look, a total rehaul of their underpinings, and a new mandate to deliver to their community online.  They came out as a really nice package, if we do say so ourselves.

Some things that we’re extremely proud of: The modular design that scales nicely to all sorts of screen widths and scans so nicely for a quick read.  The use of CSS to make site-wide modifications easy, and to keep the pages loading quickly.  The front page of one paper is only 19K—50K if you include all the graphics and style sheets.  That’s truly impressive, especially for a major media site like these.

Though they’re tasty, the sites aren’t done baking yet.  Some colorful yellow promos have yet to emerge, and a few extra features will be appearing, along with more photos, as the newspapers get used to their new tools.

Congratulations to our newest sites!


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