Cranial Therapies Relaunches

A growing medical problem among babies is deformational plagiocephaly - “flattened” or “flat head” syndrome. Our latest client, Cranial Therapies, Inc., is a clinic that specializes in treating infants suffering from improperly shaped heads.

Cranial Therapies came to us with a website ( that, in its own way, needed reforming and better shaping.  We worked with them in several steps: first we helped them to organize their content in logical categories (logical to their visitors, not just to their staff).  Then we worked with the designer of their printed materials to make sure that the new website design was going to be part of an integrated brand message.  Finally, we installed and configured a content management system and blog software so that they could update the website themselves going forward—that way, their new website won’t ever get as out of date as their old one, because they’ll be able to do additions and maintenance themselves.

The result is a site that’s already getting rave reviews—Cranial Therapies now has a website that not only their mothers love. 😊 It’s got frequently asked questions, case studies with before and after photos, parent testimonials and a fun kid?s photo corner of happy babies.  What’s not to like about that?


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