12 Days of Add-on Updates

Tea time for duckiesOh long-suffering, ever-patient friend of Hop Studios, your long dark tea-time of the soul is over.

Those critical ExpressionEngine add-ons you need to make your site as spiffy as you want it to be? They’ve been upgraded!

Starting on Monday and continuing for 12 days, we’re releasing 10 updates, one per day. On the last two days, we’ve got two surprises for you: two brand new add-ons! Here’s a little hint: We’ve been holdin’ off tellin’ ye about th’ brand new incarnations fer good rrreason!

Follow us on Twitter to get notified the moment each new add-on is released, and break out finger sandwiches of celebration! Or the scones. Scones are good, too.

(There are, of course, a few add-ons that don’t make any sense to upgrade. Contact us if your favorite didn’t make the cut, but you simply must have it. We’ll work something out.)


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