Questions About Your Project

Here’s a list of common questions we ask about projects so that we can properly estimate price, delivery time and required resources.

1Tell us a bit about your company
This is so we know who we’re talking to

2How did you hear about Hop Studios?
Knowing where you’re coming from helps us assist you.

3Summarize what the website should do.
What is its purpose? If you can, list some goals in order of importance.

4How will you judge if the new website has succeeded?
Pretend it’s six months after the day the site launched and describe what you’d like the results to be.

5When does the site need to be ready?
Tell us a date (if you have one), and if this is a firm deadline, or a general wish.

6What is your budget range for this project?
Please note, telling us your budget helps us to give you an appropriate proposal. It doesn’t influence our prices in any way. If you have an idea for a project but don’t know how much your idea’s going to cost to create, we can help you to determine that.

7Tell us about the selection process.
How many companies are you asking for quotes / proposals? Are you looking for a rough ballpark figure or a firm quote? How ready are you for us to start building?

8Describe the look and feel of the finished website
Are there specific colors or logos that should be used? Are there websites that have the look or feel you want (even if they don’t have anything to do with your project)?

9Describe the site’s audience.
What action you want them to take after or during their visit to your site?

10Who do you consider your competitors online?
They could be competing for your audience, or in your off-line world. This answer helps us assess the functional and design requirements for your site.

11Describe the site’s content and structure/organization.
This often takes the form of a detailed list or tree-type structure of headings, like this:

  • Home
  • About
  • History
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Clients
  • Press
  • Individual Articles

If you don’t know the structure, tell us that and we’ll include some planning time.

12How will the site be updated after it launches?
This determines what sort of a system we need to build and helps us estimate cost.

13What functionality is necessary?
Describe in detail here anything here that’s interactive, animated or otherwise seems more complicated than simple content. For example: search, file downloads, password-protected areas, member registration, contact forms, animation of front page elements, forums, mapping, mobile phone design, an iPhone app, multiple languages, etc. etc. etc..

14Do you need web hosting? Do you need us to buy a domain for you?
Or, if you already have hosting, what web hosting company and type of server do you have?

15Is there anything we haven’t asked that we should know about?
Surprise us now instead of later!

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