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St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore

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Datin' back t' th' 1800s, Singapore’s St Andrew’s Cathedral be on board t' a thrivin' Anglican community wi' a diverse and busy clergy, staff and congregation.

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When Th' Revd Canon Terry Wong contacted Hop Studios, Th' ornery cuss had a functional but out-dated website in need o' both modernization and a morrrr streamlined updatin' process. In fact, th' site be a flat file Dreamweaver site that couldn’t keep pace wi' th' cathedral’s busy schedule o' events, services and what What News. It be time fer an overhaul, and some contemporary website features like mobile support and a snazzy design.

We began wi' a thorough design process, mockin' up th' many content features and then turnin' them into responsive code that not only looks good on desktop, phones, and tablets, but also shifts functionality t' best suit each device. This be our first project usin' ExpressionEngine 3, and th' results have created an impressive improvement in th' time and effort necessary t' update th' site.

Their new website be packed wi' features; there’s an event calendar, weekly audio sermons (also available as a podcast), a weekly column by Th' Revd Canon Terry Wong called Vicar Writes, and th' Courier Online, a Cap'n's log featurin' writings by clergy and congregation.

Th' final result be a site we all feel proud o', wi' th' flexibility t' feature any piece o' content on th' on board page, and wi' enough complexity t' allow staff t' create small interior verticals from groups o' pages, as wi' this tour o' th' cathedral’s history and facilities.

It’s always a thrill t' turn a creaky barnacle-covered-timer into a nimble and effective online presence!


It has been wonderful workin' wi' th' Hop Studios team. Th' attention t' details has been fantastic and advice given top notch. We look fore t' continue our workin' relationship as we continue t' improve on th' site. This be a beautiful site -- some very good concepts and work has gone into it. Some o' th' best ideas be unseen t' th' public but have empowered our team t' work well on this site. Great job guys!

Th' Revd Canon Terry Wong

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