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National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH)

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NCCDH provides the Canadian public health community with knowledge and resources to take action on the social determinants of health, to close the gap between those who are most and least healthy. They work tirelessly to move knowledge into action - in practice, in policy and in decision making.

Hop Studios has supported NCCDH’s unique bilingual site needs through maintenance, upgrading and a revised Glossary.

Screenshot of the NCCDH Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms in French
Services Provided

The NCCDH first came to Hop Studios in 2019, seeking assistance with maintenance, upgrades and security. The site’s bilingual audience (English, French) was of particular interest to us given the intricacies a seamlessly-accessible bilingual site necessitates. In addition to regular maintenance, which included an upgrade to the EE backend in 2020, Hop Studios also worked on two important learning resource projects on NCCDH’s site:

In 2022 we rolled out a revamp of the site’s Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms, which provides more detailed descriptions, citations, and references than the 2014 version. Along with a search bar to filter terms, the updated glossary features a dynamic feed of related resources for each health equity term. Each term is also printable and downloadable as a PDF, and the glossary is of course available in French and English.

The Equity in Action project came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, and aims to share the stories of successful interventions by community leaders that have promoted health equity in pandemic planning, response, and recovery. Hop Studios worked to provide a platform for the voices of these leaders to be heard by designing and creating a landing page with tiled images, captions and links to each story. We also enabled tagging to catalog stories. Our team is proud and honoured to have been tasked with helping to bring these positive narratives to the forefront of the equitable public health pandemic response conversation.


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