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July 2018

Move The Movement hopes to advance acceptance of medical cannabis as a legitimate, healthy and effective treatment option. By collecting and sharing personal stories about the therapeutic benefits of the plant, MTM creates a vibrant community that supports and inspires learning.

In July of 2018, we began working with MTM to provide maintenance and feature enhancement. Our biggest task to date is to further the story sharing and community features of the website.

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Services Provided

We’ve been having a great time working on Move the Movement’s gorgeous website. In just the first couple of months we…

...revamped the Share Your Story form to make it shorter and sweeter: More questions can be answered with menus and checkboxes; The form has been broken into sections to make each easier to complete; Error checking is faster.

...built a trusted contributor tool that allows MTM editors to fast-track submissions from those contributors who have earned the right to publish without review.

...built an entirely new Journals section where any MTM contributor can share stories via a personal blog on the MTM site, complete with comments.

...advised on and published a new Code of Conduct.

...added promotional features to help drive donors to support MTM via their Patreon page.

Much more is planned, and we’re excited we made it through this entire description without making a single cannabis-related pun.

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