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July 2021

The Center for Self-Determination Theory (CSDT) is a non-profit organization advancing Self-Determination Theory by disseminating the philosophy, research, and practices of SDT. They support science, scholarship, and the application of SDT to an individual’s everyday life.

Hop Studios supported CSDT in their quest to create a more user-friendly site by building a new listing page for Metrics & Methods: Questionnaires, redesigning & rebuilding their Topics templates page, and rebuilding the Topics grid on the homepage to auto-populate.

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Hop Studios was excited when CSDT knocked on our door back in 2021. We hopped at the chance to work on their existing WordPress site, aiming to make their CMS function more efficiently, as it wasn’t managing the site to its full potential.

The bulk of the project we embarked upon with CSDT was centred around their Metrics & Methods: Questionnaires page. We built a brand new listing page with improved listing and sorting functions for downloadable modules. A simplified UX consent form for the downloadable questionnaires and modules was built as the previous iteration had caused some confusion with users of the site. The inner questionnaire pages were also refurbished: we overhauled questionnaire files, transcripts and translations; and added a section with validation articles related to the questionnaire. We also added a section at the bottom of each inner questionnaire page with links to related topics.

Next, we tackled a redesign and rebuild of the Topics templates page from scratch. Each inner Topics page is now laid out consistently. The flow of content is succinct and organized, allowing a large amount of information to be displayed without overwhelming the user.

In addition to the work we did on the Questionnaire and Topics pages, we also rebuilt the topics grid on the bottom of their homepage to auto-populate when a new one is added to the backend. Previously, they had to manually add each new topic, which meant asking a developer for support; our rebuild allows the CSDT team to do this themselves. Everybody wins!

Supporting CSDT to reach their site goals was a pleasure. We’re delighted that with our help they’re now able to use their CMS with much greater ease, and that their users are able to find the content they’re seeking that much more efficiently!


"We fortunately found Hop Studios when our organization was embarking on a new website redesign. They didn’t just offer a makeover, the Hop Studio’s team really got to know us, our mission, and the breadth of projects that we do in order to elevate our digital presence. We felt (and still do) like we had a partner who understands us! We gained a reliable and creative team that knows the digital space, who brings fresh and creative ideas and solutions to the table, and who offers useful tools that better deliver our large amount of content. Our users tell us how much they love our website…and we love our website now too, thanks to Hop Studios!"

Shannon Hoefen Cerasoli

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