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Word Cleaner

Current Version: 1.0.0

Auto-formatted curly quotes, dashes, bullets and ellipses make Microsoft Word documents pretty.  But they can make websites downright illegible.  If you’ve ever copied and pasted text from Word into your ExpressionEngine site, you know what we’re talking about. The Word Cleaner extension replaces several of the most common auto-format characters with web-safe alternatives.

Please note: Often, mis-displaying Word characters are a problem because there’s some mis-alignment between what character set is expected at various levels of the web server stack. Perhaps the database is expecting one format, or the browser is expecting another, or the page meta tag doesn’t match the server header. 

Because of this complexity, this particular extension is provided with an extra warning: Hop Studios will not be able to provide individual troubleshooting for this module except as a custom work request. Of course, bug fixes and other support requests will be handled as normal; it’s just that we’re not prepared to solve every character set conflict issue that this extension might bring to light.

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