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The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) is an internationally recognized ADHD coach training program with students participating from all over the world.

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You know those projects where the work you do is so internal and nitty-gritty that you really can’t effectively explain it to anyone who wasn’t involved? This is one of those projects.

Let’s stick with the broad strokes here: The ADDCA came to Hop Studios looking for a maintenance partner who could—of course—could produce good, clean programming and functionality. But more importantly, they needed a partner that could translate complicated business rules into programming and functionality.

The fundamental complexity of the ADDCA site is their need to display some content for some types of members, some for members with a certain status, and of course the content itself also needed to be managed through creation, revision, and publication. This meant some intensive modifications of several custom ExpressionEngine modules, and developing a very thorough approach with testing the site against its many use case scenarios.

In short, this was a wonderfully complex project, but one where we really got to flex our programming and user experience muscles in a serious way.

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