New Team Member: Erin DeGroote

It all began with a prank on Erin’s parents. A simple batch file with an Internet Explorer icon that would restart the computer.

Person with dark hair and blue highlights, wearing a black shirt, standing in front of mountains

Erin DeGroote

Gotcha! Zing!

Yes, Erin wrote their first line of code at the precocious age of 7, so it’s fair to say one way or another, computers have always been a part of Erin’s life. Coding wasn’t always at the forefront, Erin took some time to study art and pursue photography. In fact, they actually taught photography for a while, becoming a published photographer, and having their art featured in galleries around south-western Ontario.

Erin’s work in web development has always been centered around good causes. While not initially obvious in the earlier stages of their career, Erin discovered they are most driven when working on projects that they can see will bring positive change to the world. They believe that “nonprofit” shouldn’t need to be synonymous with “low budget” or “limited scope” - they always aim to raise the quality bar for these sorts of projects.

Armed with a natural curiosity towards the world, there isn’t a problem they won’t try to solve—and if the solution proves elusive… maybe try looking at it in Internet Explorer? Gotcha! Zing!


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