New Team Member: Drew Robertson

Hop’s newest employee Drew started toying around with web development after being introduced to the field during a computer science bootcamp in grade school. He was hooked the moment he realized that he could create “something” that everyone in the world could potentially see. We can only wonder what early Drew wanted to share globally—alas the Internet Archive didn’t turn up anything revealing.

During middle school, Drew tinkered online using poorly formatted CSS and nested tables, and attempted to wrap his head around the fundamentals of JavaScript. By the time high school rolled around, he knew he wanted to pursue web development as a career. He went on to become the last person to complete the Web Design & Programming program at the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver.

Photo of a dark-haired man with a mustache and beard in front of mountains

Drew Robertson

A couple of short months after graduation, a friend who had been doing in-house IT and was leaving to wander around Australia gave Drew a heads up that the position was opening up. Drew stepped into the role, and into full-time web development.

“I was really thrown into the deep end and told to ‘make it work’,” says Drew. “So I did!”

With very little guidance, Drew turned the challenge into an opportunity. He learned a lot of new technologies very quickly: how to manage Linux servers, scheduling cron jobs, writing Apache directives, mapping drives and directories, working with APIs, using frameworks to make development more efficient. The list goes on….

Welcome aboard, Drew! We can’t wait to see what you learn next!


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