New Team Member: Arian Xhezairi

There are a lot of unusual things to talk about when it comes to Arian Xhezairi, Hop’s new developer.

Bald man with a dark beard wearing a pink shirt

Arian Xhezairi

For starters, he has a last name that contains both an X and a Z! If only you could play that in Scrabble!

Nomenclature aside, Arian is probably better described as a self-trained senior software engineer from Kosovo, where he lives today with his wife Vjosa (a pharmacist) and their two young daughters.

Arian’s first computer was a Commodore 64 in 1991, bought by his uncle for him and his two siblings. For Arian, it was love at first click, starting him on a path learning about and exploring computers and programming that continues to this day.

Arian attended a military academy and then served as a personnel database programmer during his three years as a lieutenant and deputy company commander in Kosovo’s military forces. His expertise in military signals earned him training in the Ft. Gordon Military Signals Group (Georgia), and offers to serve in the U.S. Army.

By 2002, he was writing HTML and discovering how powerful JavaScript can be. Today he specializes in web and mobile app development technologies, and has deep knowledge of OOP, API, data structures, and web services.

When he’s not working on Hop projects, he lectures at RIT Kosovo, a training & development institute, teaching courses on PHP, Java, Android, Flutter, Laravel, JavaScript, and more. Teaching is where Arian gets to best express his altruistic drive to lead and teach in his community: “You need a hand that empowers you, and I try to offer that.”

Arian loves reading, hiking, and being in the mountains. Apparently he also cannot stop playing CS: GO. We understand, Arian, we understand.


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