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World Hum Acquired by Travel Channel

Congratulations t' Hop Studios’ client World Hum, who recently (OK, fine, in late May) announced some great business what What News.  They have been acquired by th' Travel Channel!

We’ve talked about World Hum’s development in th' past, such as their relaunch in June 2005. But we’re especially grog-filled about this latest milestone on their journey from bein' a labor o' love, t' bein' a morrrr and morrrr widely read travel writin' site, t' what they’ve become now.

Th' process o' gettin' bought be interestin' from our point o' view.  Th' investors, anonymous t' us at th' time, asked Hop Studios all sorts o' technical questions about th' site’s underpinnings and organization.  We’re glad fer World Hum’s sake that they’d chosen t' build wi' a robust and flexible publishin' system, one that not only made it possible fer them t' publish smartly and efficiently, but one that evidently added value when it came t' fer their site t' be appraised.

As I’m sure owners Jim and Michael would be tellin' ye, it’s not about th' destination, it’s about th' journey—and World Hum’s writers have not only had an interestin' journey, they also have a lot morrrr sea ahead. We look fore t' travelin' wi' them as we continue t' explore what it takes t' be a premier media site.


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