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We’re Judgin' th' Webby Awards

image This year, Hop Studios be an associate member judge in th' Webby Awards.  This means we do first-round evaluations on hopeful submitters’ sites, givin' them a perusal and grade before th' executive academy renders their final crownin' o' glory upon those noble sites that fly above th' clouds o' lesser entries.

I don’t be knowin' how many other judges there be like us.  Fifty? A hundred? But there’s morrrr than 100 categories from Activism t' Youth, and I’m sure there’s morrrr than a few entries in each category, so I’m guessin' I’ve got me work cut out fer me.

We’ve entered a few o' our clients’ sites again this year.  Don’t worry—we’ll recuse ourselves from our own sites (and from any by a direct competitor, o' course).  Meanwhile, I’m lookin' fore t' delvin' into literally th' best th' Web had t' offer in 2009. Wish me a fun Saturday night!


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