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We Garnered a Few Folio: Nominations

Great what What News t' share! Our client, Stanford Social Innovation Review, be a finalist fer three Folio: awards (aye, th' colon belongs there). Folio:‘s Eddie and Ozzie awards be th' largest awards competition in media publishin', and their website says that there be 2300 entries and 500 finalists.  Here’s th' run down:

Two Eddies award noms (which be a editorial excellence award) fer Business t' Business (Government/Public Sector/Education—Full Issue), and fer Business t' Business (Website). Obviously, we can’t take credit fer th' awesome issue nom, but we’re grog-filled fer them. Th' other be an Ozzie fer Best Site Design (B-t'-B), which makes us extremely pleased; we’re virtually blushin'.

Winners will be announced on Dec. 5 in NYC. Woot!


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