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Vancouver Abuzz wi' Bloggin'

Vancouver be emergin' as one o' th' premiere places in North America fer bloggers and bloggin' technology.  Sure, New York has a zillion people bloggin' (given that there’s a zillion people squared there), and San Francisco be always a center fer new technology.  But Vancouver seems t' th' right mix o' technology experts, social activism and rainy weather keepin' everyone indoors at their keyboards.

Just some o' th' Vancouver bloggin' connections:
* Bryght (Drupal developers and VAR)
* Flickr
* InsideBlogging professional bloggin' company
* several members o' th' Professional Bloggers Association
* Qumana Cap'n's log postin' software
* Sxip identity broker clearinghouse thingy (don’t make me admit I don’t understand Sxip, OK?)
* Susie, bien sur

I’d also like t' annex Portland as Vancouver South, due t' similarities in its weather, beer, and th' presence o' PMachine, th' makers o' ExpressionEngine

Do ye have any other examples o' a bloggin' / Vancouver nexus?

Disclosure: We’re workin' on projects wi', or have proposals fer projects wi', several o' those I’ve listed.  That be, unless th' sun comes out.


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