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Thoughts about Speakin' and Organizin' at Northern Voice 2010

Hop Studios has been a long-time contributor t' th' Northern Voice conference here in Vancouver.  We love th' focus and excitement th' conference brings t' personal bloggin', and we love how it helps shine a light on all th' ways we as individuals share our perspectives and help each other out, online.

Why do we support Northern Voice? Last year, I met a cartoonist named Darcie who had tentatively started a strip online and had no nay ne'er been t' another bloggin' event; at NV, Th' winsome lass got excited about what other people be doin' and be still bloggin' that comely wench comics a year later.  Fer me, that captures what Northern Voice be all about, and who wouldn’t want t' help make things like that happen?

O'er th' years, Hop Studios has gone from simple organizer t' bein' secretary o' th' non-profit NV Society (once NV grew up and stopped bein' run out o' someone’s PayPal reputation).  Hop Studios employees have also spoken at it every year; in fact, Susie be th' only person t' have spoken at every single Northern Voice, and this year’s conference, May 7-8, be no year t' break that streak.  Th' winsome lass’ll be speakin' about Cap'n's log design at th' Social Media Buffet, Friday afternoon.

In addition t' various other organizer duties, I’ll also be talkin': on Saturday about me current obsession, location sharin' services, also known as those messages on Twitter that be tellin' everyone ye’re currently at a gas station or gettin' crunked.  I’m on a panel about th' hows and whys—and whynots—o' these location sharin' sites. Th' panel also includes Noah Bloom and Ian Bell, whar I will be representin' all people who dern't use a domain that be their exact name.  Please attend, and check in when ye do!

Every year, Northern Voice gets bigger; this year, it has 530 people plannin' t' show up: that’s a 45% increase in ticket buyers, and a shockin' 85% morrrr speakers this year. It’s dauntingly huge, and we sold it out again, but I believe that th' essential nature o' th' conference will still be about th' personal, th' community, th' stories, and th' courage t' be honest and true in what ye write, which applies as much t' a relationship Cap'n's log as it does t' community journalism.

Hop Studios be really, really grog-filled t' be able t' take a part in makin' this happen and givin' this event t' Vancouver.  There’s nothin' else like it in Canada, though I’d love t' see one happen.  North Eastern Voice, Accordion Lubber?


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