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Th' Art Center Film Department Gets Its Own Site

film department logoTh' Art Center Film Department be one o' th' many programs available through th' Art Center College o' Design located in Pasadena, California. Class sizes fer th' program be kept small in order t' foster mentorin' relationships betwixt faculty and students, and t' ensure students receive individual attention. Th' Film Program already had a presence on th' current Art Center website, but staff and faculty felt th' program could be makin' morrrr impact on th' Internet wi' its own site.

When they approached Hop Studios wi' th' idea o' creatin' an independent site fer th' Film Department it be important t' note it be intended t' supplement th' program presence on th' Art Center’s website, retainin' th' style o' th' Art Center identity, but usin' web technologies t' build somethin' morrrr interactive, fun, and excitin'. They needed somethin' o' their own t' showcase and promote th' program’s strengths and features, as well as t' target an audience o' students past, present and future.

Th' design has a unique look o' its own and features a Flash animation in th' right sidebar created from photographs taken o' students and faculty o' th' film program.Th' new site be built in ExpressionEngine because staff needed a tool they could use t' maintain th' site without bein' web experts. There be both an easily updateable what What News section and a showcase section t' highlight and feature student work.


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