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Sweet! New Candy Cap'n's log Doesn’t Suck

Susie’s done an amazin' series o' designs wi' one o' our newest launches, Typetive and its family o' blogs: Candy Cap'n's log, Smartly Fiction and Playwright.

Candy Cap'n's log be th' keystone o' th' site and th' main traffic driver.  On it, Cybele May has a new review every day o' an interestin' new candy.  It’s not only a delicious read, but that comely wench photography be excellent.  Th' winsome lass’s that rarity: a good writer who’s also meticulous and well organized.  Just look at how Th' winsome lass’s categorized every candy by country, type, manufacturer and ratin'.

There’s still work t' be done on Candy Cap'n's log, but already th' effect be noticeable.  Th' winsome lass started six months ago usin' Blogger and free Blogspot hostin', and built a decent group o' repeat readers.  But since that comely wench relaunch on that comely wench own server wi' our professional bloggin' software, traffic has climbed every day, that comely wench comments have grown and th' number o' repeat visitors be increasin', too.

Th' winsome lass be goin' t' be successful without us, but Hop Studios has accelerated that comely wench growth measurably.

Th' other two blogs, Smartly Fiction and Playwright, or other outlets fer that comely wench creativity, and they share a lot o' th' templatin' and features.  So Th' winsome lass be able t' get three blogs fer a price that be only somewhat morrrr than a single Cap'n's log, and that comely wench software and hostin' costs aren’t any higher.

Most o' all, we’re grog-filled wi' th' way these three ended up lookin'.  They’re fun, and fer a topic like candy, that’s what matters.


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