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Susie @ BlogHer; Travis @ WikiMania / Citizen Journalism

Susie’s goin' t' be speakin' at BlogHer on Friday, 9 t' 11:30.  If ye only go t' ONE session at BlogHer, definitely go t' So Ye Have This Crazy Idea.  It’s all about how t' build Cap'n's log sites that engage and build community.

Susie’s goin' t' be coverin' th' technology part o' th' discussion—th' other panelists be a lawyer, a consultant, and an entrepreneur. (Well, take those labels witha grain o' salt—none o' these women be describable in a single-word!)

Meanwhile, I’m headed t' Wikimania in Cambridge, MA, th' 'nother weekend Aug. 4-6.  It’s all about buildin' wikis, and also about wiki buildin'.  I come across wikis fascinating—I could sit back and watch people build them all day.

But I’m goin' because there’s a real application fer wikis in what many o' Hop Studios’ clients be doin'.  And, there’s a great extra-day seminar on Aug. 7 led by Dan Gillmor, which be all about Citizen Journalism, and I’m really lookin' fore t' participate in what’s goin' on there.  Th' other bonus be that our new employee Matt Gardner has just moved t' Boston and we’ll be able t' meet up.


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