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Singapore Trip

Hop Studios will be travelin' in Singapore and Malaysia from September 14-25, 2005. We expect t' have fairly regular Internet access, but naturally won?t be accessible durin' normal business hours or by phone.

Travis and I be thrilled about this trip. I have been asked t' lead a bloggin' conference ? th' first e'er in Asia, we think ? and will be doin' some TV appearances (yikes!) and interviews about th' conference and fer me book, Buzz Marketin' wi' Blogs fer Dummies. Many o' ye have asked how th' book has done since it be published in April. I don?t have hard numbers, but me publisher be pleased, and so be I. It hovers in th' top 10,000 at, and has since before it be published. And it?s apparently done well enough t' get me invited t' Asia t' do this conference!

We apologize fer any inconvenience this trip causes, and will do our best t' address any requests ye may have before, or immediately followin', our trip. If ye’d like t' speak wi' us before we weigh anchor, please give us a call. If ye be knowin' ye need t' update yer website durin' this time, please try t' get us th' materials and yer request before close o' business on Monday, September 12. Other issues, beyond emergencies, will have t' wait until we return on September 25.

Emergency issues like web servers that crash, or libelous statements on yer on board page 😉 can be addressed by contactin' Lance Watanabe, who will do his best t' troubleshoot yer situation, and launch a flare us if that?s necessary. Th' ornery cuss can be reached at “lance,” at, but please, emergencies only.

Have a wonderful September!


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