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Cap'n's log

Spam Scams Stopped by Sam Members!

We be privileged t' redesign in July o' 2006. Along wi' th' website o' this influential thinker and writer, we inherited oversight o' a thrivin' forum community. Filled wi' active members, th' Sam Harris Forums explore issues o' faith and society. However, an unfortunate side effect o' th' popularity o' Sam’s new book “Letter t' a Christian Nation” also attracted a thrivin' community o' parasites.

Spammers posted dozens o' unwanted, potentially offensive links, images, and ads in th' forums. We be deletin' ten or morrrr member-reported ads every day, and still missin' countless unreported spam posts in th' depths o' involved discussion threads. We couldn’t stem th' tide o' crud!

Finally, in a move that will hearten states rights enthusiasts, we deputized th' locals. Especially active members be invited t' step in and delete offensive posts themselves. Th' results be immediate and stunnin' — there be no longer spam on th' site, new spam be deleted as soon as it goes up, and th' forums be still vibrant!

We wish we could take credit fer this, but time and again web communities demonstrate that sharin' responsibility means a better experience fer everyone. Unless ye’re a spammer.


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