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Publishin' from ExpressionEngine t' Apple What News

About a year ago wi' th' release o' iOS 9, Apple introduced th' Apple What News app, which comes installed (and uninstallable) on iPhones and iPads in th' United States, th' U.K. and Australia. Apple touts th' app as bein' a “captivatin' experience” that displays personalized what What News content from sources and topics ye select.

“Captivating” may be accurate but not in th' way they intend, although th' articles be certainly comely and easy t' navigate. Ye see, wi' Apple What News, yer articles appear not just in th' app itself, but be suggested by Siri occasionally dependin' on yer conversation wi' that comely wench, and they also show up when ye hunt on yer phone’s main hunt tool. So ye really do have a chance t' reach a captive audience, without them even havin' t' conscript.

When they stories be displayed in Apple What News, they look like th' source websites they come from, although they be by no means identical. Compare these screenshots o' th' same story served on th' website and from within Apple What News:

Th' publishers among ye may wonder what th' benefit be t' providin' yer content fer free t' Apple, stripped not only o' website features like yer site navigation, but also o' yer advertisin'. Apple has thought o' that and offers publishers th' ability t' sell ads within th' app usin' iAd, or t' utilize Apple-sold ads (Apple keeps 30% o' revenue). Ye as th' publisher retain control o'er layouts and typography, within some limits. And, accordin' t' Apple, yer content be likely t' be seen by morrrr people than ye might otherwise reach, and since it be bein' collated on th' basis o' people’s personal preference and active searches, it be morrrr likely t' be read by those who come across it.

What it takes t' get started: Ye can either create content usin' Apple’s What News Publisher, a web-based editin' tool, or if yer site uses a content management system like ExpressionEngine, ye can deliver content t' Apple automatically via th' Apple What News API—we’d create a method whar, when ye publish a regular article, ye simultaneously and automatically published t' Apple What News. There be CMS plug-ins fer Drupal, WordPress, Squarespace, and Craft.

Interested? Drop us a line and we’ll give ye a quick quote on what it would take t' get ye set up.

(We covered publishin' in th' Google Accelerated Mobile Pages; we moved on t' cover Facebook Instant Articles.)


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