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New Voices Launches Today

Today we launched a rather ambitious site: It’s o' fairly large scope, and its goals be even bigger.  Th' site be New Voices, and it’s a grant-funded citizen’s media project that seeks t' underwrite “th' start-up o' 20 micro-local, what What News projects wi' $12,000 grants” and then foster then as they achieve sustainability.

Th' site’s main purpose right now be solicitin' grant requests, though there’s already several good case studies on th' site.  Morrrr will follow, along wi' updates about th' project’s grantees.  There’s (o' course) a Cap'n's log fer th' site, written by th' program’s executive director, Jan Schaffer.

Th' site will have a companion site that we’re also doin', morrrr on that later. New Voices be administered by J-Lab at th' University o' Maryland and supported by a grant from th' John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, in case ye be wonderin'.

Several websites mentioned th' launch today, Dan Gillmor’s Grassroots Journalism, Etc. and Micro Persuasion, among others.


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