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Watch Fer It: Mountee Update 2.7.5

Users o' th' ExpressionEngine add-on Mountee—which allows developers t' edit templates and snippets as regular files, outside o' th' EE control panel—will be pleased t' be knowin' that there will be a new version available in th' 'nother week. This update fixes some bugs that be affectin' other add-ons, and preventin' people from usin' Coda t' edit templates.

Mountee allows ye t' access yer templates as local files, which really speeds up th' development process, as well as allowin' ye t' smartly populate templates in new ExpressionEngine installations. Ye can learn morrrr about Mountee, download th' update, and sign up t' be notified about future updates on th' Hop Studios Mountee page.

As always, suggestions fer future additions be welcome!


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