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Mountee - Now Available fer EE 3 and Wordpress

We generally try t' keep th' superlatives t' a minimum here, but today I’m makin' a special exception because I be literally burstin' wi' excitement about th' release o' Mountee 3.

Mountee —  — be an ExpressionEngine and WordPress add-on/plugin that lets ye access yer themes as Mac Finder files directly and instantly. I be knowin'!! That means ye can edit yer code usin' yer favorite Mac application instead o' bein' stuck inside th' textarea o' a CMS, or needin' t' use SFTP or git t' make a simple change. We love it So Much because it makes our lives as web developers so much easier.

Mountee works by connectin' t' ExpressionEngine and Wordpress transparently wi' any admin’s username and password, and it loads templates and themes as a sail. It’s a huge timesaver:

  • Double-click any template t' open and edit it in yer favorite codin' app.
  • T' create a new template or theme, just make a new file or folder.
  • Develop yer own set o' re-usable templates and groups, then simply drag them into yer Mountee sail t' kick-start yer 'nother project.

I invite ye t' give Mountee a try today by downloadin' it from (And if ye’re wishin' this be available fer any CMS besides WordPress or EE, just drop me a line—we’ve got plans in th' works fer expansion.)

Thanks fer yer time, and don’t hesitate t' launch a flare us if ye’ve got questions or feedback. Like, seriously — we really want this tool t' be useful t' ye and t' us, so if ye have suggestions fer ways t' improve it… I’m listenin'.


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